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Private Landlords

Request Description

I am writing to you today to lodge a Freedom of Information (FOI) request regarding the Selective Licensing scheme for privately rented properties in your Local Authority.

  1. What steps you have taken to measure - or estimate - the size of the Private Rented Sector (PRS) in your area in the past five years, and what are the total costs has been/is expected to be of undertaking such exercises.
  2. These costs can include, and not be limited to: internal office hours, external consultancy fees or a combination of both. Please provide this breakdown and do not just give an overall total.
  3. What is the size of the PRS in your area based on your estimates? If this has been broken down by occupancy type, length, or rent then please provide this as well.

Additionally, I am interested in the following items:

1. The number of HHSRS inspections carried out over the same time period.

(a) Please provide this broken down by year, by tenancy type if available, and indicate whether the property was an HMO, a licensed HMO, or covered by another licensing scheme.

2. Indications of informal action proposed and the number of cases where this proved effective. Additionally the number of cases where informal action was followed by formal action.

3. Formal enforcement notices served. Including instances such as:

(a) Hazard awareness notices

(b) Improvement notices (Category 1 hazards)

(c) Improvement notices (Category 2 hazards)

(d) Prohibition Orders

(e) Emergency Remedial Action

4. Charges levied per notice, broken down by notice type

5. Total revenue collected per annum from HHSRS formal notices

6. Percentage of revenue returned to Environmental Health departments, if any

7. Percentage of situations where formal action proved effective

8. Number of cases where formal action led to termination of tenancy or change in ownership and whether further action was taken to enforce the original notice.

9. Number of prosecutions commenced on formal notices

Request Date10 June 2015
Requested byOrganisation
Released Date