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ITC Questions

Request Description

General Questions

Number of Employees?

Do you have a set budget for IT projects and how & who manages this?

What is the ICT budget for all departments for April 2015-16

How is the ICT budget split between departments?

Are you under or over budget for the last 2 Financial Year?

Do you have any current or future IT projects i.e. BI, PBX replacement, Email migration, Storage, Cloud Strategy - if so what are they?

Do you have Project Managers to manage each project - if so please list them by project?

How many people are there within the IT Team and who manages this?

Can you provide your IT Org chart - showing management and those that report to them?

Do you use IT Solution Providers to help implement solutions - if so who are they and what do they do?

Which IT vendors do you use?

How much do you spend with each external IT Provider for the last 2 financial years?

Do you have any restrictions with using Cloud Services (public/private) - if so what IL level do they need to meet?

Is there a business requirement for cloud services? 

Do you have funding available for a cloud project, or any pressing timescales/requirement? Is there a project Sponsor?

What is your experience / Knowledge of Cloud?

What is your experience / Knowledge of Microsoft Cloud? Or other vendors?

Do you have a current active Enterprise Agreement with MS and what is the renewal date?

Office Questions

What is your current Email platform and version?

What is your current version of SharePoint, and what do you use it for?

What is your current version of Lync, and what do you use it for?

Do you use any solution for providing the business with reports, analytics such as Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau, SaS - if so which one?

Platform specific questions

How many Business Applications do you have?

What is your Line of Business Applications and are they predominantly Off The Shelf or Bespoke Apps?

Do you use a hosted provider for your Business Applications - if so then who?

Do you have an in-house Application Development Team?

If Yes to above who manages this team and how many people report to them?

What is your development language? (.Net,Ruby, etc)

Do you use outside developers to work with you on projects - if so then who?

Infrastructure questions

How many users do you have?  

How many devices?

How many offices and data centres do you have?

Do you use a Hosted provider for your infrastructure - if so who?

What is your existing server count (on premise or hosted?)

Do you have a hardware refresh cycle - if so, how often and where are you in it? (for servers, SAN, desktops, devicesetc)

What version of Operating System do you have on Desktop and on Servers?

What is your current virtualisation platform?

What is your current Back UP & DR Strategy/Solution?

Do you have a managed service to support your IT - if so what does this cover?

Request Date09 June 2015
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

22 July 2015  



General Questions    
There are approximately 450 users in East Herts Council   
The ICT budget for East Herts Council is currently £1,061,000 per annum.  
The budget is not split by user department.    
The budget was marginally underspent in the previous 2 financial years.  
There are a large number of future ICT projects. The key ones in 2015-16 are: 
1) replacement of wide area networking and telephony solutions - project managed by Business Improvement Manager
2) implementation of WIFI solutions across the three main Council buildings - project managed by Principal Business Analyst
3) upgrade to Exchange 2010 - no project manager yet appointed  
4) Completion of hosted desk top roll out = project managed by Principal Business Analyst
5) Replacement of Building Control system - Project Managed by Corporate Change Manager
6) Replacement of HR system - no project manager yet appointed  
7) Implementation of an Out of Hours Service - managed by Head of Business and Technology Services
8) Datawarehousing for Parking Services - No project manager yet appointed 
The ICT Team is managed by the Head of Business and Technology Services. There are 20.5 employees supporting 2 Councils - Stevenage Borough Council and East Herts councils
A chart is attached.    
Typically the IT Team implement solutions.    
A list of line of business applications is attached with spend per annum for East Herts. There is a separate list of suppliers supporting infrastructure services with cost for both councils.
A review of opportunities to deliver services in the cloud is identified in the East Herts ICT strategy as a key piece of work for 2018-19, prior to the next major infrastructure refresh cycle for the council. 
There is an existing subscription arrangement with Microsoft which lapses in 2017-18