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Managed Print Service Contract

Request Description

Please can you answer the following questions regarding your current MFD / Managed Print Service contract:

Q1. What are the contract start and end dates? Is there an extension period?

Q2. How many MFD's do you currently have in use?  How many desktop printers do you currently have in use?

Q3. What makes, models and specifications do you have in use?  

Q4. What are the current annual colour and mono print volumes for MFD and desktop printers?

Q5. What is your approximate annual MFD spend?

Q6. What is your approximate annual desktop printer spend including consumables and maintenance?

Q7. Do you use Document and/or Record Management Software applications? If yes, which ones?

Q8. Do you employ mobile printing technologies and BYOD strategies?

Q9. Do you operate a print room for high volume print or do you outsource? 

Q12. Which department controls these contracts and projects? e.g. IT, ICT, Facilities, Procurement, etc

Q13. The person within the organisation responsible for this particular contract. Please confirm their contact details including name, job title, contact telephone number and direct email address?

Q14.Will you be using a framework agreement for the next contract or will you be doing your own procurement process? If using a framework, which one

Q15. Will other organisations be included in this procurement process? If yes, which ones

Q16.  Do you have a strategy to digitise documents and print less? If yes, please provide a brief overview.

Q17.  Do you have an ICT security policy which includes MFD's and paper documents? If yes, please provide a brief overview

Request Date08 June 2015
Requested byBusiness
Released Date  

22 July 2015  




Current contracts for MFDs have expired and are being rolled over as we prepare a business case for a new print solution


We currently have 12 MFDs and 22 desk top printers


The MFDs are all Canon devices. There is a range of HP, Laserjet and Kyocera desk top printers (see attached spreadsheet)


See attached spreadsheet with MFD print volumes that are available. No records of volumes for desktop printers exists.


Average annual spend on MFDs including rental and click charges is £26,000


Average spend on desktop print devices is approximately £10,500


IDOX Uniform Document Management System and RKYV DMS


No we do not


We have an in-house print room for most specialised print excepting very high volume jobs such as the Council magazine and high volume jobs requiring external distribution


Print is managed by the Print and Graphic Design Service


The key contact is Mark Saggers, the Print and Graphic Design Manager, e-mail, tel 01438 242242