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LDF Green Belt Land

Request Description

It is my understanding that the Council has commissioned an independent review of the green belt in east herts and that the report is now due. May I please have a copy?

Can you please provide me with any information which you hold which indicates; whether any proposed amendment to the green belt will be approved by the Council at the same time as it approves its development plan [i think the latter is called the site allocations pre submission document] and whether any amendment to the green belt is also the subject to the examination in public;

if the amendment to the green belt will be approved independently, when that will be;

whether, if the inspector does not approve the development plan,any proposed amendment to the green belt will fall with it.

Request Date03 June 2015
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

08 June 2015  


The Council has not yet received the final Green Belt Review report from the consultants and so is unable to provide a copy.

Green Belt boundaries can only be altered through the preparation or review of the District Plan (which forms part of the development plan).

The whole District Plan - including any amendment to Green Belt boundaries - will be subject to examination in public

Further Response

It is currently anticipated that the Green Belt review report will be included on the agenda of the next District Plan Executive Panel (date: 10 Sept 2015).  The report would be published at this time (agenda papers and documents are usually available one week to 10 days in advance of the meeting date).                                            

Response Date23 June 2015