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R & B service enquiry

Request Description

With respect to your Revenues and Benefits service as a whole, but split into revenues, benefits and National Non-Domestic Rates (NNDR) if possible, please provide the following information for 2014-15 (or the most recent full year available):

1.    the cost of all staff in the service including on-costs

2.    the cost of all managers at SCP 27 or above

3.    a structure chart annotated to show staff above and below SCP 27

4.    the amount of council tax administration grant paid to your council by the Government in May 2014

5.    whether you have retained a counter-fraud team (following the establishment of the Single Fraud Investigation Service) and if so, how many staff it includes

6.    the cost of ICT to support your revenues and benefits service, split into maintenance costs (including ICT staff time) and licence costs. (Where ICT is outsourced, please provide an estimate of the share of the overall contract value)

7.    the housing benefit error rate for your council as a % of overpayments

8.    whether the council has an enforcement/bailiff contract; if so, who is it with, and when the current contract expires

Request Date13 May 2015
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  





16 June 2015                                                                 

Closure Reason

As we have not had a response to our request for clarification of aspects of your enquiry (sent 13/5/15) this request is closed. This does not preclude re-submitting the request with clarifications at a later date.