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Regiment fitness using Hartham Common

Request Description

Regarding an event held on Hartham Park by Regiment Fitness.  I would like you to clarify the following:

I would like you to send me an electronic copy of the risk assessment sent into you by Regiment Fitness.  I would like to request this document under the Freedom of Information Act.

Could you clarify your job role - ie when you receive this risk assessment do you inspect against it to make sure Regiment Fitness are complying?

Do you involve the HSE before an event such as this is put on?

Why did Regiment fitness NOT use correct signage while the obstacles were erected - whose responsibility is this?

Are Regiment fitness allowed to park the company vehicle onto the Park?

I would also appreciate feedback on your meeting with Regiment Fitness on 27/4/15 - I went to the park at 15.30 and several obstacles were still standing

Request Date28 April 2015
Requested byOrganisation
Released Date