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Questions regarding a property

Request Description
  1. Is the council aware that there is a fire wall in the lobby 
  2. Can you confirm that the existing front doors are part of:

A listed building
Would require listed building consent to modify or change them
Do not come under the scope of existing building regulations if in place prior to 1948

3. Electrical certificates

  1. Can you confirm that you now hold the required certificate
  2. When did this certificate come into the possession of EHDC
  3. What was the reason for EHDC informing us that the certificates had not been submitted
  4. Does the electrical certificate met the requirements of EHDC building control

4. Sound testing

  • Please confirm that you hold the required sound testing certificate
  • Please confirm that a relaxation under part e. was given by xxx in 2013
  • Please produce any letter, document or electronic copy thereof sent from EHDC to myself, xxxor xxx town planners in 2013, suggesting in any way that was any differentiation being made by EHDC between different parts of the relevant section of part e. re sound transmission
  • Please produce any letter or document sent by EHDC, to myself, xxxx orxxx suggesting, requiring or specifying any other works to be carried out (a) on the building, (b) regarding sound transmission under part e. after the receipt of, and reply to, xxx report of 2013 and the covering letter by xxx

NB It is clear in xxxx letter, that structural works would have to be carried out, to attempt to gain any improvement to the sound quality and that as a listed building consent would have to e obtained if these works were required,

  • Please produce any document confirming that the relaxation re sound was conditional, and only applied to part of the section of part e. dealing with sound transference, sent either to xxxxx, xxx or myself, in 2013 and that works requiring listed building consent would be required
  • Please confirm that any structural alteration to this listed building, would,
  1. Require planning permission
  2. Require listed building application and consents.
  • Please confirm that such permission would be required for any type of surface cladding that could be applied to the staircase in this building.
  • Please produce any documents, emails, internal memos, or notes made or passed between EHDC building control and EHDC listed building officers. With regard to any such alteration(s) that may have been suggested, in 2013
  • Please confirm that EHDC support the aim of English heritage, and the government under current requirement and, in particular in regard to the principals of minimum intervention in listed buildings.

5. Approved documents

Please confirm that approved document are only for guidance, and are not mandatory.

6. General

Please produce the documentation or copy of any communication, held by EHDC, that was passed to the revenue department , to allow that department to inform myself, and my solicitor, that the properties

  1. Were completed in 2013. And to
  2. Issue a completion certificate in 2014 albeit not a building control certificate

3. Please produce a copy of any building control works cards issued by your council, to developers and builders, on the commencement of building works
4. Please confirm that the contact point for this project has been, since the date of application for planning, xxx of St. Albans and that all communications regarding this project should have been sent to them
5. Please produce copies of all communications, either manual or electronic, between your department and xxx from the time of granting  planning permission for this project until the current date (2/4/2015) 

Request Date14 April  2015
Requested byIndividual
Released Date