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Dog Breeding Establishments

Request Description

I am writing under the Freedom of Information Act, to ask for information about dog breeding licences issued by yourselves as required by the Breeding of Dogs Act 1973, as amended by the Breeding and Sale of Dogs (Welfare) Act 1999

For each of the last five calendar years 2010-2014 inclusive, please provide:

  • Number of first-time applications for a dog breeding licence
  • Number of renewal applications for a dog breeding licence
  • Number of applications refused (with reasons for refusal if possible)
  • Number of licences issued

If you do not have the information back to 2010, please supply the data for each calendar year for which you do have records.

In addition, please also provide:

  • the number of breeding bitches in each currently licensed establishment
  • the current fee you charge for a first-time application
  • the current fee you charge for a renewal application


Request Date14 April  2015
Requested byOrganisation
Released Date  

17 April 2015               


 At present there are no dog breeding licences that have been issued in the district for the times requested.

The fee for such a licence would however be £240 annually and this does not include vet fees.