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Contaminated land and pollution

Request Description

I was wondering whether you could provide me with the following details within the area covered by your council:-

1. Entries on the Public Register for Contaminated land under Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act (1990).

2. Any Part A and Part B2 activities that you regulate with regards to Environmental Permitting Regulations, with details of enforcements.

3. Any historic landfill sites you hold information on prior to the implementation of the Control of Pollution Act (1974).

Where possible could the information be provided in the following formats in order of preference?

1. ESRI Shape File

2. GML

3. KML

4. Excel/csv

Request Date8 April  2015
Requested byBusiness
Released Date  

 17 April 2015             


1.  There are no entries on the Contaminated Land Register  

2. Please see attached spreadsheet

3. The council has very little information on historic landfill sites and its accuracy is questionable.  Most of the information we hold has been supplied by the Environment Agency.  You may wish to contact the County Development Unit at Hertfordshire County Council  who hold more data in this subject.