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CCTV Cameras

Request Description

I am writing to obtain information about the number of CCTV cameras there is currently in your district. I also wish to find out the names of the streets covered by these cameras, how many hours the cameras are monitored and on which days these cameras are monitored.

To outline my query as clearly as possible, I am requesting:

1) The current total number of CCTV cameras in your district

2) The names of the streets covered by these cameras

3) How many days a week/month/year (as appropriate) these cameras are monitored

4) How many hours a day/week/month/year (as appropriate) these cameras are monitored 

Request Date18 March 2015
Requested byMedia
Released Date  

 25 March 2015       


 We do not know the number of CCTV cameras the district as there are cameras on shops, office blocks private houses etc  the council holds no data on those.

The council does run a CCTV Public Space Surveillance network in partnership with a number of other councils.  There are 36 cameras in this network

2)  Our Public space surveillance camera locations are published on our website CCTV

3)  monitored  24 hours 7 days a week  throughout the year

4)  as above