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Car Parking

Request Description

I am sending this request under the Freedom of Information Act to ask for the following information:

1. Which car parks did your council operate during the tax year 2013-2014?

2. How are each of these car parks managed (i.e. contract, byelaw, other legislation)?

3. Of these car parks, which use private contractors to enforce parking restrictions?

4. How much total revenue has the council made in the last tax year from parking fines on council owned land?

5. How much of this revenue has come from parking fines on council sites managed by private contractors?

6. Do you use DVLA data to help you enforce parking restrictions at any of your sites? If so, which sites?

7. Of the car parking sites managed by private enforcement officers- how many letters have been sent to car owners including a reference to potential court action?

Request Date12 March 2015
Requested byMedia
Released Date  

18 March 2015


Q1. Shown on our website at: Car Parks      

Q2. Traffic Management Act 2004 legislation.      

Q3. All  - the council manages the car parks, but all on-street and off-street enforcement patrols in East Herts are carried out under a contracted service   

Q4. £358,222.46  - although the term Parking Fine is misleading - the council's contracted Civil Enforcement Officers issue Penalty Charge Notices as defined in the Traffic Management Act   

Q5. None - the council manages the car parks (see Q3)     

Q6. All - the council issues Penalty Charge Notices under the Traffic Management Act, which provides for verification of a vehicle's registered keeper with the DVLA.    

Q7. We do not hold any data on this.