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SEN School Placements

Request Description

1.      How many children and young people you have placed in the following:

a.      Independent SEN Day Schools

b.      Independent SEN 38week/ term time Residential School Placements

c.      Independent SEN 52 week Residential School Placements

2.      For each of the categories in Question 1 above please also tell me how many of these are placed inside your Local Authority boundary?

3.     Do you have a SEN strategy / plan that you could send or tell me where I could find it please?

4.      How do you make both SEN independent day placements and 38/52 week independent residential school placements? Do you have a contract or framework? If you do could you send me the details of this please, such as the name of the contract, contract period and which providers are on it please?

5.      Who is the lead person / people for making independent SEN placements in your Local Authority? Could you send their details - name, job title, email, phone etc.

Request Date25 February 2015
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  

25 February 2015    


 County Council responsibility