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Self Directed Support or SDS (personal budgets)

Request Description

This is a request under the freedom of information act 2000. I would like to request the following information regarding Self Directed Support or SDS (personal budgets) please:

1. How much money has your council spent on SDS in the past three years (Individual amounts for each year please?)

2. How many people are given SDS budgets by your council, and what was the maximum claimed by an individual?

3. Please can you give details of how much was spent on the following:

a) New car/ vehicle

b) New Clothes

c) Cosmetic products

d) Cosmetic treatments and cosmetic surgery

e) Events tickets

f) Jewellery

g) Massages/ spa treatments/ beauty treatments

h) Holidays/ flights

i) Home improvements 

j) New furniture

k) Hairdressing

l) Meals out/ drinks out.

Request Date24 February 2015
Requested byBusiness
Released Date  





24 February 2015                                                          


Hertfordshire County Council responsibility