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Finance and Procurement Contacts

Request Description
Procurement Contacts    
 Full NameActual Job TitleContact NumberDirect Email Address
Head of Procurement    
Head of Category Management    
ICT Category Manager    
Fleet Category Manager    
Utilities Category Manager    
Insurance Category Manager    
Finance Contacts    
Can you please send me contact details of people from within the Council responsible for savings within the organisations?
 Full NameActual Job TitleContact NumberDirect Email Address
Director of Finance    
Efficiency Manager    
Savings Manager    
Budget Saving Manager    
Request Date12 February 2015
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  





16 June 2015                                           

Closure Reason

As there has not been a response to the request for further information sent in February of this year the request is closed. This does not preclude re-submitting the request with clarifications.