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Cost of RIPA

Request Description

On the 6th November 2014 I made a request under the Freedom of Information Act that asked how many times RIPA powers had been used by your local authority since April 2012.

Your council has since responded to this question with a numbered list of operations that RIPA was authorised for since April 2012.

RIPA Statistics

Of the operations that your council had listed can you provide the following information:

1. How much money was spent by your local authority on each RIPA authorised operation? Please provide the expenditure on each operation. If calculating each separate operation would lead to this request being rejected due to time limitations please provide the total spent on all operations.

2. The number of days each operation lasted. If calculating this would lead to this request being rejected due to the time it would take please provide the start date and end date for each operation. If the operation is still active please state how many days so far it has been running up until the date this request was received.

3. How many of these operations were partially or fully undertaken by private companies. If private companies were deployed to assist or carry out operational work please name each company involved.

4. The number of employees or contracted workers involved in each operation

Request Date12 February 2015
Requested byMedia
Released Date