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Commercial Waste Collections

Request Description

1) How many registered businesses are there within your Local Authority Area?

2) How many of those businesses are classified as SMEs (Sma" and Medium Enterprises)?

3) Do you provide a commercial waste/recycling collection service to businesses in your Local Authority Area, and if not, then why not?

4) Do you operate commercial waste collections under a commercial contract with terms and conditions that are individually negotiated with businesses (commercial waste producers)?

5) Please provide a blank example copy of your contract, including any terms and conditions of commercial service supply.

6) Does this contract typically involve a minimum term? If yes please state the typical minimum term e.g. 12 months.

7) What is the total number of businesses in your Local Authority Area, to which you currently supply a commercial waste OR recycling service to.

8) Do you provide a waste/recycling service to any businesses outside of your Local Authority area, and if so, to what additional Local Authority area(s) do you supply these services into?

9) For each additional Local Authority area such services are supplied into, as identified in Q.5, then if applicable, please state how many businesses in  those areas you supply?

10) Do you make a Profit Margin/Surplus on commercial waste collections and if so, what is that Profit Margin?

11) Do you have any staff/officers employed (either in whole, or in part) in a Commercial Waste Sales capacity, in the course of their duties? If yes, then please also supply the number of employees and job titles, as well as details of any other duties they perform, e.g. enforcement.

12) Please provide the percentage (or a genuine estimate of the percentage) of commercial waste customers that require you to collect commercial waste, on their understanding that, they simply cannot obtain this same service from any other service provider in the area?

Request Date23 January 2015
Requested byBusiness
Released Date