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Spending on Training

Request Description

I am writing as a concerned citizen to request some information regarding training spend for East Hertfordshire. As a taxpayer I am interested to know where the Council are allocating funding towards training and whether this is being conducted efficiently. 

I am requesting this information in accordance with the Freedom Of Information Act 2000 and appreciate your timely response, the questions I would like to ask are included below:

1) How much do you spend on training per year?

2) Please list the top three suppliers of training.
3) How are the suppliers selected and against what criteria?

4) How can we (the taxpayers) be sure that the most cost effective training provider was selected?

5) Who is responsible for purchasing Council's training (i.e. which departments and who are the decision makers)?

6) At what points during the year does the Council make decisions to purchase training throughout the year?

7) How much of the training budget remains for this financial year (ending 31st March 2015)?

8) Does the Council hold any contracts for the ongoing supply of training? How are these managed? Is there a reassessment process in place when these are up for renewal?

Request Date15 January 2015
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  16 February 2015                      

1) 48K was spent on corporate training in 13/14  

2) The top 3 suppliers are EQV Training, Baikie-Wood Consultancy and Wiz Tanning 

3) Trainers have been selected for their specialist knowledge or we share trainers with other authorities. 

4) We always negotiate prices with our training providers and we work closely with other authorities having shared training to ensure best value for money. 

5) The Human Resources department commission the Corporate Training Programme. 

6) Training starts being booked from April each year. 

7) 10K remains from this years budget although some of that budget is committed. 

8) The Tender process is currently being reviewed.