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All commercial properties within Authority

Request Description

Could you please provide me with the following information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000:-

A list of all commercial properties within your billing authority.

On that list, could you please detail which of these commercial properties is receiving relief and detail what that relief is ( If Any), i.e. Small Business Rate Relief, Mandatory Relief, Charitable Rate Relief, Rural Rate Relief, Enterprise Area Relief, Empty Property Relief etc.

Could you also tell me which of the properties has a credit (as well as detailing any relief) on the account ( If any ). Also, could you please advise which commercial properties are empty and the date that they became empty and the last liable party/company name.

I would appreciate, if this could be provided in an excel format to include:

- Company Name/Liable Party,

- Rateable Value,

- Property Address,

- Property Reference Number,

- Account Start Date,

- Property Description,

- Relief ( If any )

- Credit ( If Any)

Due to the nature of the report i am putting together, i require all the information to be up to date (Could you please advise the exact date this information is extracted).

Under the Freedom of Information Act - 2000, I am requesting the information to be detailed on one spreadsheet and as up to date as possible, consisting of all the information listed above (not in parts). 

Request Date13 January 2015
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  9 February 2014                    

See document in downloads section below