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Property and art assets

Request Description

1. Please send me a copy of your local authority's assets register for buildings and land. (Or a link to it if it is available on your website.)

2. Please advise what is the total number of works of art owned by your local authority and the estimated total value and the number of works currently on display.

Request Date7 January 2015
Requested byIndividual
Released Date  13 January 2015                    

The current Asset Management Plan is being redrafted, but it won't be publicly available until it has been formerly adopted, which will be later this year.  However the Council will shortly be publishing a map showing our ownership and some information on each asset.  This will be published on the website as part of the Transparency Code and will be available to the public in early February.

  • Painting - £3000, Sculpture - £10,000.
  • Sculpture - £12,000, New Sculpture £10,000