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Council Tax Support Scheme 2015/16

Request Description

I would like to request the following information relating to the local council tax support scheme (sometimes referred to as council tax reduction) in your area:

1.    Does your local authority intend to change its current council tax support scheme in April 2015? (yes/no/undecided)

2.    If yes, please outline if and how any of the following components of the scheme will change in 2015/16:

Component of Council tax Support Scheme

Will this be different in 2015/16?

(Yes or No)

Details(such as reducing the savings limit to £6,000 or changing the taper rate to 25%)

Require all residents to pay at least some of their council tax liability, regardless of income



Cap the amount that can be claimed based on the band of the property



The rate at which council tax support is withdrawn (tapered) as income increases



The maximum capital/savings someone can have to be eligible for council tax support (savings limit)



The minimum amount of council tax support that can be claimed before it is withdrawn in full



The length of time a claimants has to be resident in the local authority area to be eligible for support



Entitlement to a second adult rebate



The components of income that are considered in the means-test



The hardship funding available to affected residents




3.    Please list the groups exempt from some or all of the above changes because they are deemed 'vulnerable' if any. (for example: families with children aged under 5, recipients of Disability Living Allowance)

4.    If exceptions are made for 'vulnerable' groups, please describe what these exceptions are.

Request Date8 January 2015
Requested byOrganisation
Released Date  16 January 2015                     

East Herts are not making a change to the CTS scheme for 2015/16.

There are no particular protected groups (other than Pensioners).