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Freedom of Information Requests

Request Description

1. How many Freedom of Information requests did East Hertfordshire Council receive in the financial year 2013/14?

2. How many Freedom of Information requests did East Hertfordshire Council receive in the financial year 2012/13?

3.  How many Freedom of Information requests did East Hertfordshire Council receive in the financial year 2011/12?

4.  How many Freedom of Information requests did East Hertfordshire Council receive in the financial year 2010/11?

5. How much money has East Hertfordshire Council  spent on responding to Freedom of Information requests in each financial year shown above

Request Date9 June 2014
Requested ByIndividual
Released Date9 June 2014                           

Statistics for past FOI requests are published on the website Combined FOI and EIR Statistics and Performance

 We are unable to calculate costs due to the wide variety of staff on different pay scales who research and provide the responses.

We currently have 2 FTE staff tasked with dealing with Freedom of information, Environmental information and Data protection at grade 6 which has a pay scale ranging from £21067 to £26539