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Construction Contracts over £200K

Request Description

I am undertaking a study into construction projects for my PhD. Please can you let me have the following information for each construction contract over £200k that has been completed in the last five years:

  • The contract's description
  • Contractor
  • Contract form ie NEC 3 , GC works, PFI etc
  • The sub form - ie Design Build, Option A, Minor Works
  • Works specification - ie traditional (client designs), Design and build (contractor designs)
  • How price is agreed - ie lump sum/target price/ cost reimbursable
  • If BIM or ECI has been used
  • Framework Name if Applicable
  • type of work - ie refurbishment/ new build/ fit out/
  • Area or length of work undertaken if known
  • Contract price for construction
  • Final price for construction
  • Contract start date
  • Initial construction completion date- ie at contract signature (or Construction period)
  • Actual construction completion date

I would also like this request to be considered under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 and with Transparency and open data policies in mind. I include a spread sheet that you may want to use, but of course I am happy to accept information in which ever format is best for you

Request Date01 July 2013
Requested ByIndividual
Released Date26 July 2013     

Contract Contractor Contract Sub Form Works Price BMI/ECI Fr/work Work Type Con.Sum Fin.Acc. Con. Start Compl. Act. Comp Form Spec. Agreed

Gascoyne Way MSCP Makers JCT 2005 Client Des Lump Sum no no Refurb. 790k 790k May '10 Sept '10 Sept '10

Grange Paddocks JJ Civil Eng. JCT 2005 Client Des Lump Sum no no Refurb/New 308k 308k Aug '11 Jan '12 Jan '12

Hillcrest Hostel Leary Bros. JCT 2005 Client Des Lump Sum no no Refurb. 375k 375k Jan '09 July '09 July '09

Refused Date                
Refusal Reason