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Authority Monitoring Report (AMR)

The Authority Monitoring Report (AMR) covers a wide range of issues from housing and employment to the Green Belt and transport. It monitors the implementation of the Council's planning policies in its Local Plan. The AMR also monitors the production of the District Plan against the timetable set out in the Local Development Scheme and sets out the Council's 15 year housing trajectory and 5 year housing land supply calculation.

Current Authority Monitoring Report

East Herts Council's position on Five Year Land Supply [62KB]

AMR- 2016/2017 [1MB] , Appendix D [81KB]

The AMR reports on the period between 1st April and 31st March.

Previous Authority/Annual Monitoring Reports

AMR- 2015/2016 [3MB]

2014/2015 [1MB] , Housing Trajectory 2014-2015 [842KB]

2013/2014 [1MB]

2012/2013 [653KB]

2011/2012 [433KB]

2010/2011 [440KB]