Environmental Sustainability

'Environmental Sustainability to be at the heart of everything the council does' is one of the four priorities set out in the council's new corporate plan for 2020-2024

Our aim is to achieve carbon neutrality for East Herts Council's own generated emissions by 2030 and do all that we can to assist in achieving carbon neutrality by the same year for the wider district.

The council wants to reduce reliance on cars to get around the district, improve air quality at pinch points, and increase our use of sustainable materials. It is committed to providing good quality housing with a sustainable travel infrastructure which will support the needs of its communities while maintaining the highest environmental standards.

To deliver the aspirations in the climate motion we have developed an Environmental Sustainability Action Plan. The plan is divided into three sections:

  • Changes to the council's own premises, people and services we deliver
  • Use of our regulatory powers to promote action by others
  • Actions to help us influence and encourage others to do things

The Plan is a working document that is continually developing, assisted with input from a range of sources including third sector organisations and our local community.

As the Plan progresses, actions will be carbon accounted, with proposed milestones, in order to track progress against achieving our 2030 goals.

Some actions are already complete. Other key actions to be progressed over the next four years include:

Some of the key actions we are currently progressing over the next four years include:

  • Increase the energy efficiency ratings of our buildings looking to undertake retrofit measure where necessary
  • Audit current numbers of/need for e-vehicle chargers and install more
  • Audit the council's own van fleet vehicles with a view to replacing them with e-vehicles
  • Maximise environmental sustainability opportunities through the upgrade of Hertford Theatre
  • Maximise environmental sustainability through the upgrade/redevelopment of Hartham and Grange Paddocks Leisure Centres
  • Publish a Sustainability Supplementary Planning Document
  • Develop sustainability advice geared towards listed buildings/conservation areas and survey the barriers to increased delivery of more highly energy efficient homes
  • Maximise environmental sustainability through the Harlow Gilston Garden Town Development
  • Work with partners on introducing anti-idling enforcement
  • Install more bicycle racks in the five market towns
  • Maximise environmental sustainability opportunities through Hertford Hydro

The council's July 2019 declaration on climate change stresses the importance of tackling climate change both in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and planning for the local impacts of climate change.

How you can get involved

If you are interested in getting involved in helping to develop our action plan then you are welcome to join the East Herts Environment and Climate Forum and attend one of its regular meetings. This is a forum of interested local residents, business representatives and other partners.

The next meetings of the Forum are scheduled for:

  • Wednesday 25 November: 10:30am
  • Thursday 21 January: 6:30pm 

Notes of last meeting held: 21 Sept 2020

All meetings are currently held via Zoom.

For further details on the forum, carbon reduction and the council's Environmental Sustainability Action Plan please email david.thorogood@eastherts.gov.uk


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