Housing Strategy 2021-26 Consultation

This page gives more details on the proposed housing strategy for 2021-2026. The consultation is open from Monday 9 August and will close on Sunday 5 September 2021.

East Hertfordshire faces a wide and diverse range of housing challenges, both familiar and newly arising. Homelessness, poor housing conditions and an insufficient supply of affordable homes continue to pose challenges. We also see new challenges emerging due to demographic and population trends and changes brought by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

A new housing strategy for the East Herts district gives an opportunity for East Herts Council to set out the following:

  • The overall context and aspirations for housing in the district
  • The vision for the communities and homes we want
  • The types of actions which East Herts Council can undertake: influencing and enabling, partnership working, maximising resources
  • The priorities for these actions. 

East Herts Council intends to use its resources to bring solutions to housing challenges; from increasing the supply of high quality and affordable homes, to improving levels of energy efficiency and ensuring homes are accessible and adaptable. We also want to ensure that our residents have easy access to information on housing options in the district. 

The housing strategy sets out plans to achieve this, with a set of priorities under each of the following themes:

  • Housing Need
  • Housing Supply
  • Housing Standards and Environmental Sustainability 
  • Housing and Community Development
  • Housing and Future-Proofing

View the proposed East Herts Council Housing Strategy 2021 to 2026


The aims of the consultation 

The East Herts Housing Strategy 2021-2026 aims to enable East Herts Council to direct its resources to the housing-related interventions which will have the biggest benefit impact. 

This consultation exercise will allow us to engage with individuals and organisations across the East Herts district on the new East Herts Housing Strategy for 2021-2026. We live in rapidly changing times, and we want to respond the housing needs and aspirations brought about by these changes.


Consultation outcomes

When the consultation closes, we will gather the feedback and use it to update the housing strategy so it further reflects the views of residents, communities and stakeholder organisations in East Herts. 

The Housing Strategy will then be presented to Full Council in December 2021.