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Clean Air Day 2018

It's National Clean Air Day on Thursday June 21 2018 and East Herts is working with Hertfordshire County Council and others to support the day again as part of its #KeepItClean campaign helping to raise awareness on how to reduce vehicle pollution.

Please let us have your views by answering a few quick questions here:

Turn your key, Be idle free

Drivers are being urged not to leave their cars idling or "ticking over", especially near schools.

Studies show that air pollution can slow the development of children's lungs leading to lifelong consequences.

Did you know?

  • Air pollution causes the equivalent of around 40,000 premature deaths each year in the UK

  • Just 10 seconds of idling wastes more fuel than re-starting your engine

  • Two minutes of idling uses up enough fuel to drive a mile.

We all need to take action to improve air quality, reducing our exposure to pollution and helping protect our health as well as the environment.


School-children travel green to #KeepItClean

Schools throughout East Herts and the whole county are taking part in Clean Air Day 2018 by wearing something green and walking, cycling or scooting to school on June 21. They're also writing a pledge on a Clean Air Cloud, saying who they're travelling green for.

#KeepItClean campaign

East Herts and others are tweeting top tips and ideas to reduce vehicle pollution in a campaign called #KeepItClean.

Please follow @EastHerts on twitter if you're not already.

We're also running a campaign on Bob FM and Heart radio stations in the two weeks of June leading up to Clean Air Day on June 21.

Listen to our Clean Air Day radio advert.

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