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Abandoned Vehicles

If you suspect a vehicle has been abandoned you can report it to East Herts Council to investigate.

Vehicles that are parked dangerously or are causing an obstruction should be reported to the police.  Visit Herts Constabulary website.

If in the Council's opinion the vehicle is dangerous (eg: burnt out) then the vehicle may be removed within 24 hours.

For a vehicle to be truly abandoned it must first meet with a specific criteria set by East Herts Council. East Herts' Environment Inspectors will investigate the vehicle and take steps to identify the owner in the first instance.  NB: Your report may not always lead to the vehicle being removed.

NB: If a vehicle is taxed we cannot remove it.   Use Gov UK - Check if a vehicle is taxed to find out (you will need the registration and make of the car). 

Reporting an Apparently Abandoned Vehicle

When reporting a vehicle we will need to know the following:

  • The vehicle's location (road name / outside of number... / adjacent to etc). Please give us as much information as possible.
  • Vehicle registration number. If the registration is not visible please give as many identifiable features as possible.
  • Make and Model of the vehicle.
  • Colour of the vehicle.
  • How long the vehicle has been there (it must not have moved and returned).
  • Any other relevant information: ie have you advised the police etc.

To report a vehicle please use our on-line Abandoned Vehicle Report Form or contact our Operations Team on 01279 655261 Ext 3507.

Our Environment Inspector will inspect and investigate this vehicle, liaising with various agencies before taking action which may result in the vehicle being removed. It is helpful to let us know if a vehicle is removed after being reported to ensure our time is not wasted.

Vehicle Scrapping

If you have a vehicle that you no longer require, East Herts Council can organise for this vehicle to be collected from your home and scrapped for you.

The cost of this service is:

  • £48.00 for a Bike / Car
  • £74.28 for a Caravan

All we need is the vehicle's location, the registration documents, a written request from the current owner for authorisation and the above fee ... it couldn't be simpler!

If you would like to dispose of a vehicle please contact operations.admin@eastherts.gov.uk and we will contact you shortly.

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Further questions about Abandoned Vehicles

e: operations.admin@eastherts.gov.uk

t: 01279 655261

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