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Located at the southern edge of the district, this geographically large ward borders the county of Essex.


Hunsdon ward - Introduced by Cllr Mike Newman

Statistical Information

Of the 2,910 living in the ward, 18.7% are school age (under 16) and 15.8% are aged 65-84 (ONS 2013).    Amongst those of pensioner age, 21.9% reported that they lived alone.   The villages of Hunsdon, Wareside and Widford are all considered conservation areas which are defined as one of "special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance."

Other key characteristics of the ward are that 3.3% reported that their general health was bad or very bad and 13.8% indicated they had a limiting long term illness or disability (ONS Census 2011).  To find out more about the health and wellbeing of residents and how many people act as unpaid carers go to: Local Health - Hunsdon

In 2012/13, 1.6% were unemployed and claimed Job Seekers Allowance and 3.6 out of 1,000 adults were long-term unemployed.   ONS data 2011 also reports that 7.6% of households had no access to a car or van.   Other key statistics can be found here: Neighbourhood Statistics - Hunsdon

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Community Leadership

Useful links to help you in your role as ward councillor include:

Hunsdon Parish Council

To find out information about the parish and the business of the parish council. http://www.hunsdon.org.uk/parish_council.

Highway Fault Reporting

To report a highway fault such as a pothole or a flickering street light etc


Recent Planning Applications

To view planning applications registered in the last month you will need to use our real-time web link:

Demographic Profile of Hunsdon

The links in the ward profile will be checked periodically, however if you notice any problems with the URL addresses, or a page appears to no longer exist. Please contact: alasdair.mcwilliams@eastherts.gov.uk Direct Dial: 01992 531505

Further questions about Hunsdon

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t: 01279 655261

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