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Flytip on farmland costs culprit £1,400

The cost and inconvenience of flytips was highlighted by a farmer after a successful prosecution by East Herts Council last week at Stevenage Magistrates Court.

Flytip on farmland

Farmer Richard Bott of Finches Farm in Benington gave an impact statement after a large amount of rubbish was dumped on his land in April by Ian McManus.

Explaining that the farm gets about 10 fly tips a year, Mr Bott said: "These piles of rubbish become the responsibility of the landowner. We have to clear them up and bear the cost of their disposal in compliance with the law. This costs a considerable amount of money." In this instance he said it took two people an hour and a half to load it onto a truck, transport it to their yard and put it into a skip. The skip hire had been £288.

On top of that, there are also around 10 flytips a year on bridle ways and byways on his land. These become the responsibility of the council and ultimately the taxpayer, he pointed out.

 "All this is pretty frustrating but to be honest it has just become part of the rural year, along with fences being cut, gates left open, and general vandalism."

Mr McManus was ordered to pay £1,423 made up of a fine of £385, costs of £1,000 and a victim fee of £38. The magistrate went on to thank for the council for looking after our environment.

Council investigations revealed that a Stevenage resident had asked a property maintenance company to take her waste away. She had carried out the required checks and expected the waste to be disposed of properly.

The property maintenance company asked Mr McManus to remove the waste. He said he'd then given it to someone else to take to a dump in Hitchin but that person flytipped the waste at Lordship Farm. 

Mr McManus said the fault was all his and that he took full responsibility. He told the court that he worked for Hertfordshire Highways and knew the costs caused by flytips. He said he'd never intended it to be dumped on someone's land.

East Herts Council's executive member for environment Graham McAndrew said: "It's quite shocking to hear that this farmer alone gets some 20 flytips a year on his land. It's up to everyone to play their part in preventing this anti-social nuisance, from householders with waste to dispose of, to anyone who takes waste away."


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