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Translation Services

The information on this website is provided in English.

Online Translation

However, we recognise that some people in the District will not use English as their first language and translation of our web pages into various languages is available via the free facilities provided by AltaVista/Systran.

Translate our web pages by copying and pasting in the text or URL into the text box of the AltaVista website. Then just select the language you would like it translated into, from the drop down menu, and the page will automatically be translated and appear on your screen.

Please be aware that these free on-line automated machine language translators do not provide a 100% accurate or fluent translation of our website and may make fairly basic mistakes and contain errors in their translation

There are some restrictions on the size of file that can be submitted and East Herts District Council is not responsible for this service and cannot guarantee the accuracy of the translations available.

Need a copy of a publication in an alternative format?

If you need a copy of any of our publications in large print, braille or on tape please contact our Communications Team on 01279 655261.

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Further questions about Translation Services

e: enquiries@eastherts.gov.uk

t: 01279 655261

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